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Parking for the Isles of Scilly

If you have driven down to Cornwall then parking your car is necessary before you travel to the Isles of Scilly as you are unable to take your vehicle to the islands.

No matter whether you plan on travelling to Scilly by boat, plane or helicopter, parking for your car and transport to your travel departure location can be done easily and safely.

Parking guide for...

Travelling by plane or helicopter

If you are flying both to and from the Islands, then it certainly makes sense to park either at or near the Heliport or Land’s End Airport. Heliport and Land’s End Airport parking cannot be booked in advance but generally there are enough spaces to meet demand.

Westwinds Parking

Westwinds Parking is next door to Land’s End Airport and this does represent a bookable alternative, especially it’s parking rates are considerably cheaper than the airport itself without much further distance to carry your luggage.

Parking guide for...

Travelling by boat

Council operated car parks in Penzance can be expensive depending on the duration of you stay and spaces cannot be guaranteed in advance. However the Harbour Car Park in particular is fairly close to the Quay from which Scillonian normally departs and it is usually possible to walk to there in about 10 minutes with luggage.

Whichever option you decide best suits your travel plans, make sure you are certain that you know where you have booked parking and communicate the directions clearly to the driver. During the sailing season it is fairly common for customers to arrive at the wrong car park because they either don’t realise there is more than one parking option or have got confused by the similar names.

Scilly Parking

There are a number of Park and Ride operators in and around Penzance, catering to those travelling by sea but Scilly Parking should be your first port of call for the following reasons:

Isles of Scilly Travel

Isles of Scilly Travel, who operate Scillonian, also offer their own Park & Ride service. Drivers using this service are asked to drop their passengers and luggage off at the Quay before driving to the car park and getting transferred back to the Quay. Isles of Scilly Travel do not normally accept bookings for their Park & Ride service within 48 hours of travel.

Isles of Scilly Parking

The third company providing a Park & Ride service is Isles of Scilly Parking company. Until recently they were the only company to provide indoor parking near the Quay but are now based solely at a site on the outskirts of Penzance.

Recommended Parking Providers

We recommend the following providers on the UK mainland to park your vehicle before you travel to the Isles of Scilly.